Eye Glasses

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses come in a variety of styles and are
designed for the modern presbyope. Progressive lenses
provide clear vision not just for near and far, but also for
all distances in between without any abrupt changes or
visible lines in the lens. Progressive lenses are divided
into three sections: distance, intermediate, and near.
The distance portion of the lens allows you to clearly
see anything that is more than a few feet away, to
as far as your eyes can see. The intermediate
portion of the lens allows you to clearly see
anything that is at an arm’s length, such
as your computer screen or objects on
your desk. The near portion allows
you to see up close and read
with natural posture and a
normal head position.
For many lens wearers
progressive lenses are
a better alternative,
offering outstanding
clarity and comfort
to see at all distances.



Anti-Reflective coating is designed to reduce the amount of glare on lenses. These lenses improve safety by allowing you to recognize potential hazards on the road, especially at night. Our office has a series of demonstrations to show the effectiveness and benefits of Anti-Reflective coating on your new lenses. Please ask us how you may benefit from this option.


Computer Vision

Computer glasses are prescription glasses designed to be worn when working on a computer. They allow you to focus your eyes on a computer screen, which is at arms length, further away than the normal reading distance. There are other activities, such as playing the piano, tying flies, or shooting, that also require lenses that focus at a certain distance. These specialty glasses are designed to meet the patient’s visual needs while performing the activity.

Computer or Occupational lenses that are a modified type of progressive lenses work the best for presbyopic computer users. They have three different zones of vision. The center is the largest and focuses the computer distance. If the chin is raised slightly and reading material is pulled closer, there is a comfortable power at the bottom for smaller print and focuses at the regular reading distance. If the head is dropped and the patient looks out through the top, the lens focuses out to about 10 feet, room-type vision. They do not have the lines blurred out and there is no distortion off the side. They address all of the disadvantages of the other types of lenses and are the most functional lenses. Most people working on computers need to focus at many distances for other tasks while doing their work. They are not intended for driving because they do not have a true distance focus in the lens. Distance viewing would require removal of the computer glasses and looking at distance without glasses or with the general use glasses.


Hi-Index Lenses

Hi-Index lenses offer the comfort of having thinner and lighter lenses compared to traditional plastic lenses. Today, the options are numerous, and our highly trained Opticians will help you choose the lens material which best suits your prescription and lifestyle needs.